Portia Burton Blockchain Explainer


Portia Burton is founder and executive director of Blockchain Explainer. She is a technologist with a mission to spread accurate and accessible information about distributed ledger technologies. Portia started her career as machine learning engineer at Trapit and then she worked as a software developer at The Atlantic Magazine. These days Portia creates webinars, and courses designed to make professionals feel confident and knowledgable about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. When Portia is not lecturing on blockchain fundamentals, she spends her days helping ICOs craft viable B2B marketing strategies. 

Speaking Engagements:

2/2018 One World Identity Group | Women in Blockchain: Yes They Exist

2/2018 Pycaribbean | Analyzing Cryptocurrencies with Python and Modern Portfolio Theory 

1/2018 DC Blockchain Users Group | Basics of Blockchain

11/2017 DC Blockchain Users Group | What is Ethereum 

7/2017 Cove | Blockchain in Nonprofits

2/2017 Government Blockchain Meetup | How to Become a Blockchain Professional

10/2016 PyPDX Keynote | Python Blockchain and Byte-Sized Change

9/2016 Node JS Amsterdam | Blockchain, Bitcoin and Node